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Share Bare Cloth with Your Community!

Now offering Wholesale Accounts
and Collabs with Bare Cloth

2022 is the first year we are offering scarf wholesale batches to

local stores near and far! 

A wholesale account with Bare Cloth allows you to provide a unique experience and handwoven offerings to your customers. ALL wholesale creations are still one-of-a-kind and handwoven on the Hattersley loom. See below for more details of what Bare Cloth would love to share with you:

Bare Cloth Wholesale Account:

  • 12 scarves in a batch, 1 to 2 Batches available to each account annually

  • You get to decide the color theme and style of the batch of scarves to best match your clientele and community.

    • Is your region light, airy, and fresh? Does your clientele love the cooky and colorful? Or do we need some grounding classic earthtones? ​

  • Each scarf in the batch is one-of-a-kind

  • Batch price allows for more affordable value for you!

  • All wholesale batches are woven during the summer months to ensure delivery for the 2022 fall season.

To inquire about a wholesale account with Bare Cloth or to request a quote follow the link below to submit our form!

Thank you! And I cannot wait to connect with you!

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