Clothing commitment

Clothing is a powerful tool; it empowers wearers, producers, cultures, and ideas. However, until our closets are flung open, fully explored and fully empowered, we as wearers are weakly standing by allowing the global clothing industry to define what is acceptable to wear, purchase, and how our garments should to be produced. No more! We are our tools keepers. We have the power decide what tools we use and how we use them.

I invite you to commit to your clothing. Take the time to identify what your values are. What part of the fashion commons do you want to explore? What new skills will you learn or what skills do you already have that need to be used? What culture of clothing will you create and support? You, dear reader, are what will change the injustices of the clothing industry into flourishing systems of justice, prosperity and resiliency.


Learning the story of your garment



Deciding between the stories of obtaining, second hand, family, 

Second hand clothing


Celebrating the story

Recognizing your relationship with clothing, that its story when in your care is entirely up to you to decide.

Mending and maintaining clothing


Disposing of clothing in a way that continues its story