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The first Hattersley loom in North American was brought over from England in 2015 to be the cornerstone of Bare Cloth's production and mission. 

Hattersley Loom

Hattersley Looms are industrial looms made in England, powered by the weaver. Hattersley Looms are most commonly known as the looms used to weave Harris Tweed in Scotland. Because of their rarity and age, Hattersley looms are very hard to locate in working condition. In fact, Bare Cloth's Hattersley was assembled from multiple different Hattersley Looms in London England by Daniel Harris of the London Cloth Company. Keila McCracken traveled to London in the summer of 2015 to be trained by Daniel Harris on Bare Cloths original loom. During her time in London, she learned the basics of using and working with these majestic machines. 















Pirn Winder

The Pirn Winder does just what the name says - it winds the pirns. Once the pirns are wound they sit inside the shuttles that travel left and right in the loom, dispensing the threads that make up the threads that go horizontally in the fabric, also known as the weft. This sporty machine isn't as exciting as the Hatterlsy loom but is crucial for it the loom to run smoothly with thread that dispenses smoothly and evenly. 





















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