Sometimes we love our clothes so much it shows...


We repair your loved and worn clothes so that you can love and wear them again!



Do you have holy jeans, a torn old flannel shirt or grandpa's favorite overalls that need some repair? We would be happy to patch, mend and repair your loved clothing. If you would like to have an item repaired, we ask that you send us an email and attach pictures of the garment that you would like mended along with a description of  the garment. 


We will review your email, maybe ask a few questions and then give you our game plan for how to fix it! 




The Sashiko Stitch

We use the traditional Japanese Sashiko stitch to repair clothing. This is the first stitch known to humans for the use of clothing repair. This stitch was originally practiced to strengthen cloth that had grown worn and weak, and was used to repair the cloth before it ripped. This stitch represents several cultural values. First, it teaches that we don't have to wait for something to break before we invest time fixing it, but once it is torn or broken, it is still worth saving and repairing. Second, it teaches us that we are to value and maintain our resources while they are in use and to maintain their use. Finally, it teaches us wabi sabi, a worldview in which we find acceptance in imperfection and find value and beauty in the art of the story of mending something back into use.




Wanna Trade?

Have something to trade for a repair? Let us know what you would like to trade for a repair and we can work out a deal! Please include what you would like to trade for a repair in your email if you would like to use this payment option.




Please view the pictures above for examples of previous mending projects and contact Bare Cloth with any questions or ideas about your mending project!

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