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It's time for a new garment!

Can you meet this clothing need in another way?

Think about altering what you already have, buying second hand, renting, borrowing, mending, or making.

I think I can! Yes!


Follow this link to learn these skills or use the skills you already have!

I need a new garment, help me find one!

Do have an identified personal style and what needs you have from clothing?

My what?!  By identifying your core needs for clothing and what makes you feel amazing it helps you be more efficient in finding garments that work for you!

Yes! That's great! This helps narrow your search so that it is easier to identify what works for you!

No... That's kinda why I'm here ; )


Before shopping think about what you want your purchase to support

What are your main goals for this purchase?






Research! Whomever you go through to purchase your new garment every production system has its own set of values, take the time to find a brand that matches your own values

After doing some digging do you feel like you know enough to feel confident in your purchase?

No! I don't know where to begin and it's hard to find information

I have some info, but I want more

Feeling unsure? That's ok! Here are three options to help you learn more!

Fashion Revolution

Contact Company

Online Reviews

I actually found enough information for me to make a decision!

Yes! I support what this brand is doing, and want to support them! 

No! This brand does not meet my expectations! 

Welcome that garment into your wardrobe!!

Decide your commitment 

Behaviors, skills, synthetics, care, disposal

Now that you have a game plan, make a clothing commitment! 

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