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Multivoicedness is a social structure in which all members of a group have equal access to interact, reach out and listen to all other members or participants (Williams, 2015). Multi-voicedness minimizes leadership roles of individuals within a group, instead using facilitators and organizers to help organize and agree upon decisions (Engestrom, 2001). A key to creating these social groups is making it possible for any member to voice any concern, idea or insight to all members of the group without having to go through a type of process or individual for their voice to be heard. As social media technology grows and becomes more accessible, egalitarian structures have become easier to create and maintain (Fletcher & Williams, 2012). Multivoicedness can be practiced through knowledge sharing, local production models, sewing cafes, clothing swaps, community workshops, online sharing groups, and any space physical or digital where equal access and sharing is possible (Fletcher & Tham, 2015).


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Mending Socials: Mending can be done anywhere as long as you have your materials! Meet your friends at the bar, the park, or have a movie night and have everyone bring what they need to mend or maintain and alter. Have fun with others, you can ask questions, show off each other's work, and share your knowledge while enjoying each others company. 

How to apply this to your closet? 

Make the time to mend and be with people you think are cool!

Every time you see your mend it will remind you of taking care of your clothing, using your skills, expressing your personal style, and the awesome people you were with!.

Learn more about the benefits of mending: CLICK HERE 

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Participate in Groups for Making: Find online or in-person groups that support and teach each other as they make! Online groups allow you to connect with people all around the world that are passionate about that same the things as you. There may also be local groups that meet regularly or retreats for makers to meet and enjoy their craft. What is important about these groups is sharing each other's successes and struggles and having a group willing to cheer you on and support you at every step. 

How to apply this to your closet? 

Get social! Start asking people about local groups or start your own!

Join and follow groups on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Follow online groups for specific topics, like Ravelry, 

Online Sewing Groups


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Teach/Learn: Share your skills and don't be afraid to ask others to share theirs! In every class I have taught or taken I have learned something from countless students. Everyone has something to share and contribute, don't be afraid to share you knowledge and be open to what others have to say, it may surprise you!

How to apply this to your closet? 

Take classes, organize classes, teach classes, be open to learning and teaching!

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Gift Your Clothing:  Some garments are so loved it's hard to say goodbye, yet they are not the right size, fit, or color to wear. Sentimental, handmade, clothes worn by loved ones are all garments that can still be loved. Borrowing or giving garments that you love but don't wear to family and friends allows the garment to still be worn and have a life while keeping the garment close enough to be loved. 

Check out these resources to learn more:

Click here to read this blogpost about giving and receiving loved garments! 

Host a Clothing swap!

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