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Northern Moss
  • Northern Moss

    Simple and significant. This handwoven and hand-sewn bullet journal is ready to hold your thoughts, schedules, feelings, visual ideas, gratitude, growth, and adventure plans. Inspired and using Keila’s all-time favorite eco-bullet journal and bound in the luscious textiles that is the cornerstone of Bare Cloth creations. These journals are a multi-purpose tool for anyone.


    These optimistic pages pair well with learning new skills, lists, artistic inspiration, feeling ALL of the feelings, gratitude practices, branding and marketing plans, ideas that need to be scribbled quickly, and our biggest hopes and dreams. 


    Fabric Materials:

    Fiber:100% Wool

    Warp: Golden Grey/Green, dyed using REACH standards for production

    Weft: Northern Moss, dyed using REACH standards for production


    Size: 6.25 x 8.5 x .75 inches


    Machinery: Handwoven on a Hattersley Domestic Loom by Keila McCracken


    Batch #: 1 (What does this # mean? CLICK HERE )

    • Payment Plan

      Bare Cloth now has a PAYMENT PLAN option!!

      Use Bare Cloth's payment plan to purchase a meditation in three smaller more affordable payments than paying the full price upfront. 

      To sign up for the payment plan add this product to your cart and copy and paste the Payment Plan Code below in the 'Discount' section when you got to check out. 

      When you check out you will pay $19.00 today and have two more payments of $19.00 a month for the next two months. 

      By using the Payment Plan Code listed below you are agreeing to make three payments in three months plus any shipping costs needed. Once your purchase is paid in full your purchase will be wrapped and ready for in-studio pick-up or to be mailed to you.

      Bullet Journal Payment Plan Code: Journal19

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