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Rupert the Bear Sticker
  • Rupert the Bear Sticker

    Fully rested and ready for summer?! Celebrate this year's end of hibernation (or de-hibernation... or great awakening...?!) with our local and lovely, always in the best of spirits, Rupert the Bear! 


    This nugget of a bear is often spotted strolling down Main Ave. in Turtle River, MN. He is known and often identified by his wet behind due to spending hot summer days loafing in the local lake cooling off from the summer sun. This little darling is out of hibernation and is ready to adorn every water bottle, diary, light post, wheelchair, mobility aid, computer, car bumper, metal tumbler, clipboard, binder, mirror, nightstand, trashbin, tablet, toolbox, drum set, guitar case, stereo, cooler, lunch box, helmet, scooter, and last but certainly not least, thrown into your next 'Welcoming out of Hibernation!' basket for YOUR local neighborhood bear! 


    Let's shake off our winter slumbers with Rupert the Bear stickers EVERYWHERE!!!!


    Original watercolor artwork painted by Keila McCracken when she was bored out of her mind during the 2021 COVID19 quarantine.


    Sticker size: 6 x 4 inches


    The other sticker pictured above is by Inkstitcher Studios, to purchase your own and to see more of her incredible work please click HERE

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