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White Sheep's Wool Scarf Batch #7
  • White Sheep's Wool Scarf Batch #7

    This is a custom order Batch!


    Custom Batch orders are set up for you to design your dream wool scarf without the custom design price! I have already choosen the warp color and woven pattern of your scarf. All you have to do is choose your weft color(s) and save your spot in this batch by paying below. You can either pay in full now (plus shipping if needed) or use the payment code below at checkout to pay for part of the shawl now which saves you a spot in this batch, and then pay the rest later when the shawl is ready for pickup or to be mailed. This batch will be completed and ready for studio pick-up OR to be mailed on 11/7/20.


    This is why you want this scarf: 

    Herringbone scarves are a simple touch that can transform any look and wardrobe. Bare Cloth scarves are the goldilocks of accessories. They are the perfect weight of eco-wool to wear from fall to spring and sometimes even through summer. They provide the perfect amount of warmth that feels like a continuous gentle hug throughout the day. Made to be worn daily, and to feel special with every wear. This scarf is versatile and pairs well with jeans, Carhartts, suits, evening gowns, flannel, sweaters, and your favorite t-shirt.


    Note on Colors: This batch is using a natural white sheep's wool warp. This means that any weft color you choose will be paired with a light flecked natural whitish/cool tone wool that will make any weft color you choose be the focal point and main color of your scarf. For a bold strong scarf where the herringbone pattern will pop choose a darker bright color. For a gentle natural feel to your scarf choose a lighter tone that will play with the natural white wool. 




    Pattern: Traditional Herringbone


    Fiber:100% Wool

    Warp: Eco-wool, natural wool color off of the sheep

    Weft: You choose the color! Dyed using REACH standards for production


    Length: 70 inches

    Woven length with fringe: 72 inches

    Width: 8.75 inches


    Handwoven on a Hattersley Domestic loom by Keila McCracken

    Batch # 7 

    (What does this # mean? CLICK HERE )


    Payment Options:

    There are two payment options to reserve your spot in this custom order batch.

    1) You can pay in full today by adding this product to your cart + shipping if needed.

    2) You can pay a non-refundable downpayment today of $40 + shipping (if needed), and then pay the rest of your purchase, $35, when the order is complete and ready for shipping or in studio pickup. Note: Your order must be paid in full before your order is picked up or mailed.


    To use the downpayment option please use the code below at checkout. By using this code you agree to paying a nonrefundable payment today of $40, and a follow-up payment when the order is complete of $35.


    Code to use in check-out: CustomBatch#7

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