Money isn't everything...

That's why we have alternatives to monetary transactions.

Donation of Time...

The "Donation of Time" option is a way to reduce the cost of your Bare Cloth product through the donation of your time to a service or non-profit in your community. This is essentially a trade of time. You donate your time to help your community and I donate my time making your product for you. This means that you can purchase a Bare Cloth item for a reduced cost and only pay for the materials. In order to use a Donation of Time you need to contact Bare Cloth through e-mail to set up a location to donate your time and how many hours will need to be donated. This payment option is limited to a certain number of purchases per month and per year.  Because of this, please be flexible with us as we work to make this option possible for all.

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The "Trade Option" for payment is a way to purchase a Bare Cloth product without the transaction of money. We each have talents, services and gifts we can bring to the table and our community, so let's trade! If you have an idea for something you would like to trade for one of our products send an e-mail with your proposed gift trade.

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We believe that everyone should be able to participate in a sustainable system, this is why we have created the Donation of Time and Trade options for our products.

Why do we have these alternative options?  

Let's talk about it!


I have believed in these alternative monetary transactions for a while, and they became a needed and perfect solution while I was balancing my budget for Bare Cloth supplies. I don't want Bare Cloth to become a stressful or burdensome purchase, so these alternatives are designed to make sharing and relationships work for us while also  powering this business. I created these options so we can be on the same team, working together to make Bare Cloth products affordable, while also working to build and support our community.

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