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Wow, what a month! I started out the month with the delivery of the loom, by the 17th I had a team putting together designs for the warping mill, and now I have just finished the first project on the Hattersley loom!

One thing I have loved about this project being crowd funded is that you have a group of people following you, cheering for you and at times, way more excited than you are about your own project! Another great bonus? You don't have to worry about who should receive your first projects as gifts because you can just turn to the list of people that supported you!

The first project was a shawl that will be given as a thank you to one of the donors through Kickstarter. It is a beautiful blue and cream striped scarf, measuring a little under 80 inches (not including fringe). Even though the loom isn't perfectly running at full speed it took me less than 90 minutes to weave it and that's including the hand sewing at the top and bottom to finish the ends! Yes, that is crazy fast! Sadly, we will all have to wait for me to cut it off the loom to see how it turned out! I had a few woopsies, which resulted in a few gaps when weaving, but I still can't wait to see this beautiful piece off of the loom and worn by a Kickstarter backer!

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