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How to care for your Bare (Cloth):


Wash: Hand wash in cold water. Spot clean with natural soap. Try to minimize agitation and scrubbing the fabric against itself while cleaning to prevent the scarf from further felting. Roll wet fabric in a towel and squeeze to expel water. Hang or lay flat to dry.


Wrinkles: Use the wool setting on your iron. DO NOT put the iron directly on the wool garment, this will permanently alter the fiber to have a sheen. Instead, use a cotton or linen cloth between the iron and the wool product to protect the wool while ironing. Apply pressure and heat from the iron to press out any wrinkles or irregularities.  

Repair: If your garment is in need of some love to make it wearable again please contact Bare Cloth. We can help identify a solution and help mend your well-loved garment. : )

Refresh: If you would like your product to be freshened up with a light wash, steam, and pressing Bare Cloth offers a 'Refresh' service for Bare Cloth products. Please contact to arrange this service. $50.00 per Refresh item. 

Re-Gifting: If you find that someone else may love your Bare Cloth more than you, gift it! Bare Cloth items are designed to last generations and multiple owners. They are durable, classic and ready for the long haul. If you don't know whom to give it to please donate your product to a second-hand store so that this hand-made resource can stay in use!

Re-Use: Has your Bare Cloth product reached the end of its life for what it was designed for? Then it's time to get creative! Make a pillow, make squares for a quilt, or use it as stuffing for something new. The longer that this product stays in use, no matter the function or form, the more sustainable your product becomes! Have fun with this process, whatever you make will be one of a kind and there will be only one like it!

When it's time to say "Goodbye": There will be a day when each Bare Cloth product cannot be used, gifted, or re-used. All Bare Cloth fabrics are designed to decompose, this means that when the product is at the end of its life it can be added to a compost system already in place, or buried in the ground (this excludes any zippers or added closures, please remove those and put them in recycling). Bare Cloth fabric is made of natural resources and those resources are valuable to our eco-systems, by returning your product to the ground the natural resources can re-enter the natural eco-system that supports our planet and well-being. 

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