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A Quick Guide to Minimizing Your Wardrobe

A Simple Guide to Minimizing your Wardrobe.

  1. You already have the clothes you need for a minimalist wardrobe.

  2. Start by getting rid of half of your wardrobe, give it away.

  3. ​​You already know of garments you can get rid of without even thinking of reasons why. Start by getting rid of the easy stuff and flush out the bulk.

  4. This would include garments you forgot you owned, garments that don't fit and those garments you are just ready to say goodbye to.

  5. Then, slowly narrow your wardrobe down one month at a time until the total count of a garment grouping is ten items or less.

  6. For example all of your pants, skirts and shorts would all add up to ten items or less in your wardrobe. All every day shirts would add up to ten items or less. All fancy garments including dresses, shirts and skirts would add up to ten or less. Shoes, workout gear, pajamas, outdoor gear, jewelry and so on would all add up to ten or less items.

  7. Find your style/uniform

  8. You already may notice some themes in your closet. Try to identify what makes you feel confident, comfortable and what fits your personal style.

  9. This is where you should pay attention to what style of fit (how loose or tight a garment fits) that you like, different shapes that you find complimentary or any style goals that you have always loved and wanted to include in your closet

  10. This is also a great time to turn to Pinterest. If you already have a board started of what type of day to day style you like, then you already have identified the style you want to wear, you just need to implement that style in a way that suits your body and lifestyle.

  11. Narrow your closet down to your own core colors or prints.

  12. Do you only wear the same five colors, or could you minimize your closet to a core group of four or five colors? Do you love prints and everyday you wear multiple prints together? Do you have a core group of colors and one style of print that you only wear? Slowly start to eliminate what isn’t your ideal color or favorite print, eventually your favorites will come through in your closet.

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