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The Best Reads for Sustainable Fashion

If you love to read, like myself, you probably have a few good books you can always turn to when a friend is looking for a recommendation.

Below I have my current top 5 recommended books for sustainable fashion. The list below starts with shorter reads that are quick and informative, followed by books that are longer, but provide a deeper look into the world of sustainable clothing.

Take a gander below and maybe add a few to your reading list. Better yet, get the book club to join you!

Money Fashion Power is a great read, full of fast facts, engaging ideas and is a great balance between stark reality and fun, approachable solutions.

Anne Elizabeth Moore

This is the best book I have found that addresses gender issues within the global garment industry. The whole book is illustrated and beautifully conveys the realities that have plagued the fashion industry throughout history and still today. It concludes with a powerful call to action that we can all take part in.

Kate Fletcher

I recommend every single book Kate Fletcher has ever worked on, but this one is close to my heart. The book shares personal narratives shared by people from around the world about their favorite garments. Within these personal stories, different ways of thinking about clothing emerge with a central theme around how we use our clothing. I guarantee you will look at your wardrobe differently after this read!

Edited by Kate Fletcher and Mathilda Tham

Get ready for this one. If you love theory, multiple approaches, and diving into the depths of clothing's current and potential impact in the world today? Then this book is for you. Every chapter is written by a different contributor from their own field of expertise, analyzing and fleshing out the complexity that is the fashion world. It is a thought provoking read that even includes a guide that helps you figure out the best way to read the book for what you are interested in. Now that is a book after my own heart! I highly recommend this one. It is a good read, but gets better after you mull it over and return for a second gander.

Karen Tranberg Hansen

Full disclosure, I am an Anthropologist by training and in heart. This book shows my personal bias and love for the methodology of my field! Salaula explores the secondhand clothing industry and how it effects counties and communities around the world. The depth of this book is incredible. Just the introduction was enough for me to feel like I had gone through a whole semester of learning. For example did you know that the second hand clothing industry started in the 1600's and that in some countries the secondhand industry is so influential that entire economies have been built off of it? Again, a great read, but I recommend reading this book in a place you can react out loud, not a library, like I did... ; )

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