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The Wardrobe Wisdom Playlist, Inspired by #whomademyclothes

1) The Power, SNAP!

2) Everyday People, Sly & The Family Stone

3) White Flag, Joseph

4) Change, Christina Aguilera

5) Money, Money, Money, Abba

6) Thrift Shop, Macklemore

7) Better Things, Karine Polwart

8) Daisy, Karine Polwart

9) For What It's Worth, Buffalo Springfield

10) Am I Wrong, Nico & Vinz

11) Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson

12) Robbin Hood Theory, Gang Starr

13) Society, Eddie Vedder

14) Freedom, George, Michael

15) Born This Way, Lady Gaga

16) Solidarity Forever, Pete Seeger

17) Empire Cast - Powerful, Alicia Keys

18) For Everyone Born, Brian Mann

Not a professional video, but we don't need to be professionals to make and be the change. : )

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