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Birch - Sold by 1/2 Yard
  • Birch - Sold by 1/2 Yard

    The creamy tone of Birch fabric is perfect for a natural elegant look, it's rustic and sophisticated.


    Handwoven on a traditional Hattersley loom for an authentic and high-quality drape. Made from 100% wool, this medium-weight, 15 oz fabric is perfect for sewing clothing that is both warm and durable. The luxurious feel of Bare Cloth fabric makes it an ideal choice for creating durable and timeless pieces. Whether you're making a cozy coat or a stylish skirt, this fabric is versatile and sure to elevate any garment or home decor it's used for. 


    This one-of-a-kind fabric does have variabilities tied to color and handwoven techniques.



    Fiber:100% Wool

    Warp: Eco-wool, dyed using REACH standards of production

    Weft: Eco-wool, dyed using REACH standards for production

    Weight: 15 oz, medium to heavy weight wool



    Width: 28 inches

    Sold by 1/2 yard: 18 inches


    Machinery: Handwoven on a Hattersley Domestic Loom by Keila McCracken


    Care Instructions: Handwash and spot clean with natural soap or dry clean. To learn more please see Care 4 Bare page. 


    What to Know When Working with This Fabric

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