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How Bare?


          Bare Cloth is a simple concept, we celebrate our local resources, both natural and human, in ways that help sustain our community, economy, and environment, all through making beautiful, quality fabric and garments from sustainable wool.

Our name, like our cloth, comes from many different ideas, thoughts, and musings, but the main theme is the word "bare". We strive to go from raw medium and material to the finished product with as little processing as needed. We don't believe in complexity or over-processing things that work naturally in their bare state. We believe quality and simplicity go a long way.

Bare Cloth Supply Chain

Batch Production

Bare Cloth uses batch production. This means that multiple things are made and go through the same stages of production at the same time. Because of this, each batch of products is done at the same time. This also means that if you want something being sold you may have to act fast to get that product as it is one of a kind and it may be a while before the next batch is made of that product and in that color! 

Cut from the Same Cloth

In each products description in our store, you will also see a 'Batch #', this refers to the warp that was on the loom while that product was woven. If you have a scarf made from batch #2 and you meet someone that also has a Bare Cloth scarf from Batch #2, then you have scarves that are cut from the same warp and woven at the same time! This means you two are cut from the same cloth! ; )

The Machines

Bare Cloth uses two machines, the Hattersley loom, and a Hattersley Pirn Winder, along with a custom warping mill to produce Bare Cloth products. The two machines both came from London and are the cornerstone of the Bare Cloth aesthetic and story. 

Bare Cloth Production

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