Custom Meditation Shawl Batch
  • Custom Meditation Shawl Batch

    This is a custom order Batch!


    Custom Batch orders are set up for you to design your dream meditation shawl without the custom design price! This Batch in particular is special because you can choose to add matching pillows and a hand sewn matching journal to your one of a kind custom order (See below for specs and sample ideas for shawls and custom additions).


    CUSTOM CONSULATIONS ARE FREE! Sometimes we just need someone to bouce our ideas off of you. Keila would be happy to schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss color and design options for you custom design! You can select 'Yes' below to ask for a consultation and after check-out Keila will be contacting you to chat! 


    I have already chosen the warp color and woven pattern for your custom shawl and matching pillows and journal if you so choose. You get to decide on the color of your shawl from the weft colors provided/pictured here and accent colors pictured below. You can also choose to add a border or stripe/s to your custom design, to do so select the 'Custom Boarder/Stripe' option when you order and Keila will contact you directly with color options for the perfect accent colorways for your design.  This batch is estimated to be completed for studio pick-up OR to be mailed in the end of March.


    This is why you want this shawl:

    You know those go-to things you use on a daily basis that just work, make life better, and make you feel like you’ve got this? This shawl is one of those things. Bare Cloth designed this eco-wool shawl to be the ideal daily companion in whatever personal journey you are on. It is a perfect addition to any home, road trip, evening out, afternoon in the hammock, or mindfulness adventure. This shawl is made to be dependable, to be used, and to be loved through use. This classic pairs well with adventures, contemplation, seeing the good in the world, dreaming, compassion, just being, and LOVE.


    This custom Batch option is also a great choice because by ordering custom items together I am able to reduce costs due to efficiency. The journal and all pillows are between 11% to 15% cheaper when you order them in a custom order with a shawl vs. purchasing them from the Bare Cloth shop individually. 



    Pattern: Diamond Point Herringbone (Pictured above)


    Fiber:100% Wool

    Warp: Earthen Clay, Eco-wool, dyed using REACH standards for production

    Weft: Your choice, Eco-wool, dyed using REACH standards for production


    Length: 102 inches

    Woven length with fringe: 98 inches

    Width: 30 inches

    Machinery: Handwoven on a Hattersley Domestic Loom by Keila McCracken

    Batch #: 5 (What does this # mean? CLICK HERE )

    Pillows: 16x16 Inch Feather down pillows. 

    Journal: Eco-recycled paper vegan bound bullet journal with a hand sewn, hand woven cover to match your custom shawl. Jounal measures 6 x 8.75 x .75 inches

    Care Instructions








      Weft Color

      All of these colors are available as options, please write in the 'Notes' section what colors you want in your creation.

      Hopper Lopper
      Northern Moss
      Sea Foam Green
      Red Fox
      Red Maple
      Pink Clover
      Rev. Purple
      Corn Flower
      Light Grey
      Medium Grey
      Brown Sugar