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         The Warping Mill        

The Warping Mill is the machine that measures and prepares the warp of the loom, or vertical yarn of the Loom. The warping mill measures the yarn in sections. For example, a common number would be ten sections of 60 ends of yarn, and this adds up to a total of 600 ends of yarn all measured to the same length that is prepared to be rolled onto the beam of the loom. The beam of the Loom can be taken off and put on the warping mill where it is loaded with yarn and then carried to the loom to be warped from back to front. Because Warping Mills are designed to work with Hattersley looms and are extrememly rare to find, a team of local mechanics, designers and engineers are currently building our very own Warping Mill - just another example of local talent and innovation making this fibershed production possible. 

2015-07-23 11.32.40
2015-07-23 11.16.44
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