welcome to the wardrobe

Welcome to the Wardrobe! I am so glad you are here! The wardrobe is an endless place to explore, full of ideas, innovations, and awesome people. This resource is designed to accompany your journey through the fashion commons.


Our clothing has endless impacts, from how it is made, purchased, used, reused, and disposed of. This guide is designed to help you identify systems, practices, and skills that have the impacts that reflect your own values. 


Your clothing is a powerful tool. Each concept helps you better understand how to use clothing not only to express your personal style, and to meet your personal needs, but to also reflect your personal values and desired impacts of clothing. Below you is an outline of how clothing is a tool, and how it can be used as a tool through your behaviors and mental approaches to better use clothing to reflect your personal style and values. You will also find on this page a quick rundown of how each concept is presented in this guide.

Finally, at the very bottom of this page is the link to Wardrobe Wisdom Toolkit.


Take a moment, dive in, and get some inspiration. This resource is designed for you. Start with what makes you excited and run with it!