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Waitlists for Custom Batches


Not finding what you are looking for in the Ready to ENJOY section? Do you want something one of a kind for yourself? Thinking of gifting something one of a kind?


This is the spot for you! Waitlists were created so that I know what people are excited and waiting for! When custom batches are scheduled people on the waitlist get first access to save a spot and co-create a one-of-a-kind item. Depending on how many people are on the waitlist some batches may be moved up on the production schedule.


Below you will find waitlist signup for custom batches that are in the wing to be scheduled. If your name is on the waitlist you will be contacted first to save a spot in a custom batch

Pricing for In-Stock Colors:                         Pricing for Out-of-Stock Colors:

Hattersley Scarf


Bullet Journal


Meditation Shawl


Grocers Tote


Throw Pillow




Design Variations for Tote, Pillow, Yardage


Custom Weft


Custom Warp


Custom Warp and Weft


Join a Waitlist . . .

Thanks for submitting!

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