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Five things that happen once a Hattersley loom becomes a part of your life.

Now that the Hattersley loom has arrived a few things have changed in my life. I thought sharing a few of these might be a fun intro for the first blog post. : )

1) GOJO becomes your knew signature fragrance.

I still smell of GOJO after I have washed my hands three times, showered and it is a full 24 hours later. By the time the smell wears off, I need to use GOJO again, it is a constant cycle. The lesson for this new life change: Accept the GOJO essence.

2) You become a gearhead.

While getting ready, driving, eating, working, and grocery shopping I am orchestrating and manipulating the gears from the Hattersley loom in my head. Sometimes this is to quiz myself on how the loom works, other days it is out of necessity because the loom isn't working and I am the person that is supposed to fix it. The lesson for this new life change: Embrace the inner gearhead.

3) Ace is the place with the helpful hardware and non-sexist helpers!

I now visit Ace several times a week, I am surprised only a few employees have started to notice my frequent trips. I am used to judgments in hardware stores because I am a young female, because of this I would often enter a hardware store guarded and jaded. On my latest weekly Ace run I walked through the store singing Disney songs while picking out wrenches, oil and buckets! The lesson for this new life change: Sexism is lame. But life can be liberating if you are not constrained by it.

4) Dance sessions are a MUST.

Working on a loom results in a range of emotions, luckily for me these emotions can easily be expressed by great music and dance sessions in the studio. When you're frustrated, dance it out. When you're happy, do a celebration dance. When you need a break, just dance. The lesson here: Always allow room to dance!

5) Curiosity is a constant state of mind.

Everything about this is a learning curve, an experiment, or a crazy idea. I have learned so much, yet I have so much to learn! Working on a machine that has its own idiosyncrasies and unique qualities is a constant learning curve in both mechanics and patience. The lesson for this new life change: Curiosity is the constant!

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